Domestic Dorks

Curb Appeal

  For those of you playing along at home, you may recall that one of the very first things that I did to the house was paint our front door a pretty sapphire blue.  Ever since I painted it, I’ve been wishing that we had a full glass storm door so that we could really enjoy the full effect.  A curb appeal makeover was in order!

  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  As far as curb appeal goes, it could have been a heck of a lot worse.  But, that storm door would slam very loudly, and though it never bothered me it always seemed to startle guests.  We at least needed to replace the closer do-hickey on the door, which I was told was a $10 repair but I didn’t see anything at Home Depot for less than $20.  Might as well go ahead and spend the $200 on a new door, right? That’s just good math.  


   Judging by their age and style, the light and house numbers probably were installed when the house was brand new in 1953.  That sign looks about as old and dead as the azalea bushes in the front yard.  But, it’s a heck of a lot easier to rip out and replace an old sign than it is to rip out and replace an old bush!


  Not that I did any of the ripping myself.  I just picked out all the new stuff, then the real work was done while I was rolling dough and cutting cake at the restaurant.      Marcello had Carlos (he of the super cool shades) spend the day showing him how to get stuff done around the house.  The guys went to Home Depot to buy the new door, then pulled a spectacular clump of hair out of our bath tub drain before they got down to business.  They had just finished up when I came home to this…

  Ooooooooooh, look at that dang door! That Sapphire Sparkle looks so very pretty when you can really see it properly.  Loving it.  And look! You can actually see our address now that we have nice big numbers against that white backing.  

  It’s true, the boys didn’t have anything to do with the planter full of flowers.  Nor did they trim back that crazy azalea bush (as seen in the previous picture).  But, when would they have had time to garden when it took them a good three and a half hours just to install the door?! They did an awesome job, and there was even Chinese food being delivered just as I arrived home.  What more could I ask for?

  …You knew it wasn’t going to be that easy, right? There’s at least five things in this picture that I’d still love to change.  Can you name them??